About Us

Africa Fashion is a brand new not-for-profit platform to celebrate the diversity of African culture and fashion, as well as promoting the best of today’s designers, models and other artists.

We explore each individual country and the cultures within 54 countries and thousands of tribes – each with their own creatives.

With our head office in London, we will also include African fashion & culture – fresh from the UK.

Plus 100 is the ultimate celebration of the combination of these cultures. It’s more than just fashion, it’s about opening up the continent – revealing more about grass roots talents and the way they are shaping a new future.

AfricaFashion.co.uk our mission is to:

  • Celebrate the diversity of African culture and fashion
  • Provide ‘real work’ opportunities for media & journalism graduates of African origin
  • Create a platform for promoting the fashion and textile industries in Africa
  • Give rise to fashion-related business opportunities
  • Promote individuals with creative talent from Africa and those of African descent
  • Provide free add spaces to promote charities with a focal point on Africa
  • Provide content which is not the same ol’
  • Boost our roster of new & established writers/bloggers located in Africa



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