South Africa’s Fashion Growing Pains

Following a series of articles around the birthday of Nelson Mandela, Africa Fashion takes Sunday afternoon for a moment of reflection on how one of the most successful countries in Africa can find itself facing some of the toughest barriers to growth. Mandela’s legacy presents challenges as well as opportunities. When producing …

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Kayayei-wear continues to influence high fashion

They say that form follows function. In other words, humans create tools and clothes to deal with a particular problem and the form of the solution naturally follows on. With the head scarf designs of Ghana, the functional element has all but disappeared now that it is seen across the …

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How the Arab Spring influences art and fashion

Looking back into the history of cultures across the planet, each major revolution has led to an upheaval in art, design and fashion. Africa Fashion spent Sunday considering the impact that the series of regime changes in North Africa are likely to have on modern culture. The French Revolution’s effect was …

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