Designer Focus – Caroline Beyll

Combining classic 1950’s cuts with modern African prints is a recipe that Caroline Beyll is focused on. Whether it’s the ‘classic Hepburn’ or the ‘Golden Flare’ or ‘Royal Blaze’ – her clothes have an instant classic appeal.

“I have designed and created what I truly call beautiful dresses”, says Caroline. “I use UK fabrics and dress sizes range from a 10 to a 18, I have created the perfect fit using specialised pattern cutters who have over 50 years of experience, my dresses are produced from a true British Factory based in North London”.

“It is very important to keep my designs unique, fresh and young at heart and spirit”, she explains. “I wanted fun but sophisticated dresses and still wanted to keep the body flattering allure of the 50’s waist accentuating, the fit and flare dresses with a full circle skirt”.

Africa Fashion’s Tony Smith was front and centre for her recent presentation at Africa Fashion Week London. Here’s the best shots of her show.

We encourage you to see her full range online over at

You can find more of Tony Smith’s work over here.

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