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Our hair, we are born with it yet there is so much we do to try and change our natural hair texture, and our hair’s appearance. Antonia Opiah’s Huffington Post article  “The Changing Business of Black Hair”  reported that the black haircare industry is estimated to be worth half a trillion dollars, as …

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Africa On Silk with Eki Orlean’s London

Silk, a sensuous fabric not just for valentines, and although Feb the 14th was the inspiration for today’s ‘Threads Around the Web’, the real focus is brand Eki Orlean’s. Eki means the centre of attraction, and if it’s attraction you’re after, then award winning designer Hazel Eki Aggrey-Orleans can help you with that!

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Pangaea II at the Saatchi Gallery

“Pangaea II” is the second installment of Saatchi Gallery‘s museum- bringing together artists from two continents that were once untied. The exhibition features 20 artists from Africa and Latin America, displaying contemporary art with strong themes identifying the cultural and social facets of people and places from Africa and Latin America. Runs until …

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