Africa at Spitalfields Bank Holiday Monday

Here at Africa Fashion, we believe in immersion. You can only understand so much by reading and discussion. At some point you need to get hands on – and there’s no better way to do that in London than by joining the Africa at Spitalfields event on Monday 25th May.

Although the event only started a few years ago, Africa at Spitalfields now attracts over 30,000 visitors on the day, with a huge array of stands – all specialising in African products.

Just like Africa Fashion, it aims to celebrate the creativity and vibrancy of Africa and it’s talents.

After 350 years of being London’s centre for fruit and veg, the original market moved to East London in 1991, leaving behind an historic site which now hosts a range of eclectic events. Getting there is easy, with Liverpool Station being the closest. You can see it on a map here.

You can get your tickets for free from Eventbrite.

Here’s a few shots from last year’s event – more to follow soon.


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