Africa Fashion Show 2015 kicks off in Geneva

Anyone who’s been following African fashion over the past two decades, will have noticed a distinct gathering of momentum in recent times. As Crucible Events prepares for the main event over at the Africa Fashion Show in Geneva this evening, we take a look at how things are changing for the continent.

Four years ago, there was no such thing as the Africa Fashion Show Geneva. Now it is an established event, with global media coverage and solid sponsorship.

You can get a feel for the event and the creative force behind it from this interview segment with organiser Mohammed Omotola at last year’s exhibition (2:33):-

A cynic might say that Switzerland is famous for banking, that banks profit when people/corporations/governments borrow funds and that Africa is hugely under-developed in terms of personal and business lending.

Switzerland joined the ADF (African Development Fund) in 1973, the ADB (African Development Bank) in 1982 and began a ramp up of activities in 1995.

As a country (and a banking system), Switzerland is committed to firming up fragile African states, to improve development effectiveness, reduce gender inequality, improve systems of government, reduce poverty and increase awareness of climate/green issues.

Regardless of its underlying political and financial motives, it is clearly a good thing that more and more countries are moving to celebrate African positives – focusing less on troubles and the past.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the banks of Le Rhône will host the main fashion show and gala dinner in front of a large audience who have paid up to £150 a ticket for the privilege of seeing Africa’s finest talent, close up.

Once the event is over, you will be able to get access to the AFSG 2015 Showbook here.


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