Africa Fashion Week London 2015

What started as an idea by Ronke Ademiluyi five years ago, has grown into one of the most important dates in the international calendar. Africa Fashion Week will be here in London before you know it, so we’re taking this opportunity to have a closer look at this fashion phenomenon.

While many accuse fashion itself of looking back in order to move forward, putting 300 new designers in front of an informed audience of 45,000 visitors in just 4 years, has no doubt sparked new and even more diverse inspiration.

The rapid growth of the event, coupled with a rise in purchasing power as the negative influence of the last economic downturn begins to fade, it’s no wonder that buyers, retailers and a range of customers will flock to the event this year.

When Guinness spent a small fortune to create an entire advertising campaign around the Congolese Society of Ambianceurs and Elegant Persons, it became clear just how powerful an influence African cultures can have on the rest of the world.


There is still time to register your interest if you are a designer, retailer or model – so we suggest you make contact today.

In the coming months, as we build our coverage of this amazing event, we encourage you to attend in person!



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