Shantel shares her MamMaw fashion journey

At 14, Shantel MamMaw got her first sewing machine and began making outfits for her friends to wear at Carnival. Shantel’s brand, MAM-MAW, now offers a range of stylish and unique designs with a strong African theme – including Ankara, Kente and other traditional fabrics. Everything she sells is envisioned …

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Who Made My Clothes?

On 24th April 2013, a structural failure caused the Rana Plaza complex in Bangladesh to collapse with the loss of 1,134 lives. It became the deadliest garment factory accident in history and the impact on ‘fast fashion’ was felt around the world, with brands like Primark questioning ‘Who made my clothes?’, …

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Tribal or not Tribal – that is the question

Since the launch of Africa Fashion, one headline seems to pop up with more frequency than any other: New range influenced by African print. You will also see the term ‘Tribal’ being applied to a lot of different clothing types. Our most recent ‘Threads Around the Web’ feature, kicked off a …

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