31 billion dollars spending in sub-Saharan Africa

How hard a company or group of organisations will push into a market, depends mostly on something called the TAM. The Total Available/Addressable Market. In other words, “How much spending money is there in this new area?” is a question that needs to be answered, accurately, before a sales push …

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Nigeria ramps up fashion exports to Senegal

While relations between the two countries were good, the level of trade was relatively low. Now that Senegal has discovered oil, the market for imports looks ready to explode, with fashion-related products leading the way. But is there a hidden danger? Mrs. Katyen Jackden is Nigeria’s ambassador to Senegal and …

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South African company Brait buys New Look for $1.2Bn

In what was called the spirit of exploration, African nations spent centuries being exploited. As we move into the 21st century, there comes a story with an interesting twist as an African buys New Look, one of the largest chains of fashion retailers in the world for just over $1.2 …

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