The Rise of Adwoa Aboah

Smouldering red lipstick, the headscarf, the bleached eye brows, the shimmering metallic eyeshadow in transcending shades of blue – anybody would be forgiven to think they’ve stumbled across a special collector’s issue of a vintage Italian Vogue, but the model in question is Adwoa Aboah and the decision to grace …

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Our hair, we are born with it yet there is so much we do to try and change our natural hair texture, and our hair’s appearance. Antonia Opiah’s Huffington Post article  “The Changing Business of Black Hair”  reported that the black haircare industry is estimated to be worth half a trillion dollars, as …

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Bayyani Theatre presents With You Always

A South African proverb says: “Money can’t talk, but it can make lies look true.” First performed in May 2015 at the Simpkins Lee Theatre in Oxford, With You Always looks at western development investment in the African continent. Inspired by the book entitled ‘Aid, NGOs and the Realities of Women’s Lives: A Perfect …

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