Experience Ethiopian coffee in Central London

Camden market is one of London’s most lively destinations, full to overflowing at the weekend and still very busy from Monday to Friday. There is an extensive outdoor food court and it’s there that Africa Fashion decided to take a break from browsing and sample something rather unusual. Coffee from the home of coffee: Ethiopia. 

The first species of coffee ever cultivated was the Coffea Arabica plant from the southwest highlands of Ethiopia. First brewed in Ethiopia almost 1,000 years ago, this plant now provides up to 80% of the world’s coffee.

Today, the country only accounts for around 3% of all coffee produced. Even so, it still accounts for up to 60% of the foreign money pouring into the country.

Seeing a big sign that said, ‘The Birthplace of Coffee’, we had to spend time with the stall owners – finding out more about the origins of coffee and how important it is to the people of Ethiopia.

We were offered the choice of Sidamo, Harar or Yirgacheffe – either hot or cold – black of white – sweet or natural – simple or spiced.

Given the 30 degree heat, we opted for an iced Yirgacheffe, with milk and plenty of sugar.

It was a great choice – but we encourage you to head down to Camden and try a modern taste of Africa for yourself!






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