Interview with BAIB founder Ninda Kauldhar

When you’re the middle sister in a group of 7, there’s half a chance that you will pick up an interest in make-up. Ninda Kauldhar recently launched BAIB Cosmetics, a full range of products that includes a series of combinations that can work for darker skin tones. 

“We wanted to create a brand that can work for everyone and that every girl can be happy with”, said Ninda. “Hence the name, BAIB which stands for Beauty At Its Best”.

She spent more than two years researching the best options for lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, blusher, foundation, top liner and mascara.


“Our highly pigmented smooth textures create the perfect, long lasting look for day or night”, she explained. “At the same time, value is more important than ever these days. BAIB aims to hit the perfect balance of quality and value”.

We asked about the specific kinds of problems that she wanted to address.

“We’ve all heard the stories about high street brands whose products dry out or crack before the end of the day”, said Ninda. “That was something that was foremost in my mind. I spent a lot of time ensuring our lipsticks maintain their lush feel and texture”.

Regarding her company ethos, she explained “Animal welfare is very important to me, so we insisted on pure production techniques, natural ingredients and a strong policy against animal testing”.

“Importantly, we insist on a paraben-free process”, said Ninda.


In terms of her future plans, Ninda has a strong desire to target the African market. “When you look across all 55 countries, you find a huge diversity in skin types and tones – and that’s something that BAIB aims to cater for. So, yes, we see huge potential in the African market and will be adding more products to suit that market”.

We can’t reveal the secret plans that Ninda shared with Africa Fashion, but we think you will soon see BAIB in London’s West End!


Big thank you to our Rwandan model Elizabeth, make up artist Kelly and photographer Peter.


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