Introducing: Visual directory TheBlvckMuse

While searching the world to find new and interesting stories for Africa Fashion, we came across TheBlvckMuse in Australia. With almost 400,000 African Australians now living in the country, Elesha Williams spotted a gap in the market. We asked her about TheBlvckMuse and the inspiration behind it.

“When I first came to Australia I had no idea where to find black businesses, events and initiatives so I had to get involved in different programs and force myself to go to all sorts of events to find all these things”, Elesha told us. “Every time I meet a newly arrived person, I always get the same questions ‘where can I do my hair?’, ‘Where can I get afro hair and skin products?’, ‘Are there any events for people of colour (POC) in this country?’ So that’s how I came up with this platform. I know how much I struggled and still struggle finding people like me, programs for people like me and that’s how ‘TheBlvckMuse’ was born”.

What are the challenges of being an African Australian?

“There are so many talented people of colour living in Australia, out doing so many big things in our community, but we didn’t have a platform to put a spotlight on their work”, she explained. “I saw that people of colour seemed reluctant to support each other, unless it was a close friend or someone with a huge social media following. I thought, ‘That shouldn’t be the case'”. 

What is TheBlvckMuse in a nutshell?

“Basically ‘TheBlvckMuse’ is a visual directory that aims to promote and share the initiatives, both big and small, of young Africans”.

TheBlvckMuse’s mission statement is: ‘Promote our people and provide them with opportunities for growth’

So what should we be looking out for this year?

‘There are so many African businesses that inspire me, but here’s a list of 5 newly founded initiatives

1. Coloured Bold (@colouredbold Empowering Melanin Rich Kings and Queens to Love Their Roots)
With an Inspiration & Lifestyle vlogs coming soon!

I am my sisters keeper. #IknowWhoIAm #colouredbold

A photo posted by MY BLACKNESS IS A BLESSING (@colouredbold) on

2. Francis Kwamee (Fashion Designer: @FrancisKwameeDesigns and Founder of Popcorn Funk)
🌏 Melbourne, AUS

3. TVNDesigns (@tvndesigns Designer: Logos, Posters, Flyers, cartoon art and More)

Featured: Blessing Nyazire DM or email for cartoons or any other inquiries! ☄️

A photo posted by T.V.N DESIGNS (@tvn_designs) on

4. Le_ntendre (Husband & Wife Creative Duo Creators of @le_ntendre & founders of FreekÀ Runway @freekarunway – multi-culturally inspired runway show to showcases & celebrate creatives from diverse, ethnic cultures)
🌏 Melbourne, AUS

Currently trending in 2017. Get it. OVER- ALL . Link in bio

A photo posted by Husband & Wife Creative Duo (@le_ntendre) on

5. Afrovasion (@afrovasion Afrobeat and Afrohouse dance classes to promote healthy lifestyles and confidence for youth)

Elesha’s thinking is aligned with Africa Fashion’s and we encourage anyone inspired by her story to make contact and support the movement. If you have a business, a feed you’d like promoted or an event that you’d like people to hear about, then check out @theblvckmuse on Instagram and tag/follow/DM #theblvckmuse on Twitter – to help spread the word.

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