Promise of a new kind of West African styling

Fashion isn’t only about the catwalk and internationally famous designers. The next generation of influencers is all around us, waiting for their opportunity to shine. Africa Fashion looks to one young Nigerian stylist in London who promises more to follow.

Promise Bakare was born 21 years ago in the Delta region of Nigerian, of Edo and Yoruba parents. Raised by her grandmother, Promise moved to the UK and began designing clothes in 2013 before studying art and fashion at college.

When she’s not singing or cooking, her time is spent sketching new ideas and doing shoots for her brand, Styled by Promise which, in the spring of 2015, is balancing a young elegance for evenings with a series of dynamic ripped numbers for the day.

“I love everything about fashion”, Promise told us. “When I’m not designing, I am modelling or competing in events like Rip The Runway“.


Promise’s drive is clear, but where does it come from?

“My granny was constantly pushing me to be independent, to be self-sufficient. She is such a strong and capable woman, who never allowed me to be lazy and always told me to believe in myself, to express my ideas and push hard for what I want”.

“That approach makes you versatile”, says Promise. “No two days are the same, so you have to be different all the time”.

Does she have a dream?

“Yes, to see my designs on the catwalk for an outside show on the French Riviera”.

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