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31 billion dollars spending in sub-Saharan Africa

How hard a company or group of organisations will push into a market, depends mostly on something called the TAM. The Total Available/Addressable Market. In other words, “How much spending money is there in this new area?” is a question that needs to be answered, accurately, before a sales push …

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Kenya prepares for 2nd International Fashion Fair

The Republic of Kenya is home to a population of more than 44 million people and, from 13th to 16th August, it will host the 2nd International Fashion Fair at the Kenyatta Centre in Nairobi. Thousands of visitors will attend, Africa Fashion takes a sneak peak at what they will see. With …

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South African company Brait buys New Look for $1.2Bn

In what was called the spirit of exploration, African nations spent centuries being exploited. As we move into the 21st century, there comes a story with an interesting twist as an African buys New Look, one of the largest chains of fashion retailers in the world for just over $1.2 …

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