Real World Experience for Graduates
The UK presents a constant stream of shows and exhibitions – as well as a multitude of photographers, models and designers – whose stories can be reported on. In our experience, fresh graduates need more support, digital skills and experience to deliver copy/content that is ‘ready to run’. Our aim is to approach real world experience that will rapidly develop ‘raw academic talent’ to equip them with skills that employers find useful. Statistics indicate graduates of Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) workers with degrees are two and half times more likely to be unemployed than their white peers, according the TUC. See more stats & findings on our about page.


Aridja Kalunga

Journalism and Media Communications Graduate, De Montfort University

”I love journalism in general and presenting/interviewing in particular. My degree gave me all of the underlying techniques I need – as well as practice in operating equipment, preparing reports and producing programmes that included live interviews.

I respond to an advert that Africa Fashion placed on StarNow for a graduate presenter of African origin. I was invited to meet with the team at London’s Olympia stadium for Africa Fashion Week London – the largest show of its kind in Europe. After working through Africa Fashion’s style and approach, we went straight in at the deep end, shooting multiple interviews with the show’s organisers and representatives from various charities, as well as business owners and even the DJ for the main catwalk event. For me, this provided excellent showcase for my abilities. While the Africa Fashion team provided constant guidance, they were keen to encourage me to take control of the interviews myself and use the skills that I had learnt at university in a live situation. Working live like that, under pressure to get things right first time, was really valuable to me and it’s an experience that I want to try again.  I immediately included the experience in my CV and added the best interviews to my showreel”.

Watch Aridja’s presenting experience at Africa Fashion Week London


Robbie Spotswood

Photography Graduate at Portsmouth University

”I have been studying photography for almost 9 years. I am confident of my abilities, but I know that real world experience is going to be crucial to be getting work in my chose field after I leave. I first came in contact with the Africa Fashion team when I hired their studio in Harrow. At the start of October 2015, they contacted me about a project that involved shooting behind the scenes for a series of short films called Afro Archives, about the challenges that black actors face in the UK entertainment industry. We shot it at the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton and it was a really good experience. I networked with the actors & production team and my work will be used as part of the promotion for the films. 

As well as finding the opportunity in the first place, the Africa Fashion team have created a profile story on me as a photographer.
I will have an independent profile in the public domain, that features me and showcases my work. It is something that I can tell potential employers about – so they know I am a published photographer. The people I networked with on the day already talked about the possibility of hiring me for more work in the future – and I was paid on the day. Overall, it was a really rewarding experience and something that I’m keen to repeat”.