When it comes to hair, is grey the new black?

Some say that #KimKardashian has started a trend toward grey hair, but it’s hard to say that one Armenian American can lead a trend which women have been sporting for millions of years. That said, it does look fresh on a young head, but will it last?

Older ladies letting their hair go grey is an act of confidence. For the trend conscious youngster, it is a strong statement. And, if the change involves a high quality weave, wig or braids – then it can also be a significant investment.

TV presenters like Christy Ukata or trendy stylist Uzy Nwachukwu have been filling up Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds with their cool use of grey in the 21st century.


According to fashion journalist Nana Tamakloe, “We are not looking at a trend for very brave ladies to dye the natural colour out of their hair, and it isn’t so much a trend toward grey weaves. It is actually a move toward braids with grey or white streaks”.

Grey is not to everyone’s taste (although Kim Kardashian can pull it off), especially after such a strong push in the fashion and cosmetic industries toward the natural look – but for some fashion followers it is a must in 2015. Let’s see if it carries through to 2016.

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